Treatment of impotence at home folk remedies

Treatment of impotence at home folk remedies


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Treatment of impotence at home folk remedies

There are remedies that can help with men’s health, but most often they resort to folk wisdom. Various herbs, lifestyle and physical exercises will help.


Cialis. The effectiveness of the drugs is about 30 hours. Contraindications: diseases of the heart, blood vessels. With caution in violation of the function of the liver and kidneys;

Viagra. Duration of influence – 5 hours. It is not prescribed for: ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, arrhythmias, unstable pressure. Side effect: feeling of heat, reddening of the epidermis. The drug is absolutely incompatible with alcohol;

Levitra. The time indicator of action is 12 hours. Contraindications: individual intolerance. Advantages: tablets dissolve in the oral cavity;

Dynamic – one of the buy kamagra 100mg online an action that changed the lives of millions of men: kamagra review drugs of the group of inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5, which contributes to a mechanical increase in the sexual performance of a man.

It is taken strictly under the control of laboratory blood parameters

Topical agents (gels and creams):

Persian Shah. Increases erectile capabilities, promotes the production of testosterone;

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maxoderm. Improves blood circulation. Has a vitamin composition;

Himkolin. Made from natural oils. Increases sexual stamina and intercourse time.

Important: 1. In fact, all synthetic drugs for potency are responsible only for generic cialis fast delivery the physiological process. In the absence of sexual arousal at the psychogenic level, stimulants may be useless. 2. The effect of drugs is not long-term. It is possible to completely restore the lost potency only by eliminating the cause of the development of the disease..

Treatment with folk remedies

Traditional medicine for the treatment of impotence are widely used along with medications. The advantage of an unconventional method of treatment lies in the availability, the ability to take a long time, and a very limited number of contraindications..


Herbal decoctions are one of the effective aids to restore potency. They can be used instead of tea.

chamomile pharmacy + St. John’s wort. Herbs are mixed in equal proportions. Pour two tablespoons of the collection 20 mg tadalafil daily into a half-liter jar, pour boiling water over it. insist. It is better to drink on an empty stomach;

nettle + clover + licorice. Mix an equal amount of raw materials.

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Brew 2-3 teaspoons in a glass of boiling water. Take in the morning and at night.

Honey and bee products

This raw material is the main one in the treatment of problems with potency. Honey not only helps to cope with impotence, but also helps to strengthen the immune forces of the body. Contraindication for use is only an individual allergic reaction.

Honey remedies

garlic. Mix a tablespoon of liquid honey with 3-4 cloves of chopped garlic. Use a teaspoon twice a day;

Treatment of impotence at home folk remedies

nuts with honey. Any nuts are a source of zinc, which helps to strengthen potency. Crushed nuts (2 tablespoons) must be mixed with 4 tablespoons of honey. Eat daily as a dessert;

Mix equal amounts of crushed pumpkin seeds and honey. Eat just like nuts.

bee products

propolis. This product is especially effective for the treatment of psychogenic impotence. 25 g propolis + 50 g grind walnuts thoroughly until smooth. Pour 100 gr. liquid honey. Take-daily. Results appear within two weeks;

dead bee 150 gr. dried bees pour 150 ml of medical alcohol. Determine the infusion in a dark kamagra 100 mg effective glass bottle for 30 days in a dark place. Take ½ tbsp. spoons of tincture, diluted with water;

The royal jelly of bees is also useful for strengthening the sexual health of a man..


An indispensable product for the fight against erectile dysfunction. The balance of essential oils, vitamins and minerals favorably affects the male potency. Alles Cialis for high blood pressure Recipes primarily use the vasodilating properties of ginger root..

pour 250 gr. into a liter bottle. grated ginger root + 250 g crushed garlic. Endure a month. Drink 1-2 tbsp. spoons every day;

prepare a mixture of 4-5 minced lemons and 250 g grated ginger. Pour 250 gr. honey. Leave in the refrigerator for at least a month. take-daily;

200 gr. grind ginger root, pour a bottle of vodka (0.5 l). Consume after two weeks of exposure in a dark cool place;

Important: Despite all the prerogative qualities of alternative methods of treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using them..


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In order to maintain a strong erection for a longer time, it is necessary to follow simple preventive measures..


Healthy nutrition is one of the foundations of a man’s sexual activity. By limiting junk food and eating the right foods, you can greatly improve your sexual performance. To do this, it is necessary to exclude fatty and smoked foods – this is a direct way to blockage of blood vessels with atherosclerotic plaques

Refuse fast food and sugary carbonated drinks – the carcinogens contained in these products reduce testosterone production and negatively affect the level of erection. Limit the consumption of sausages and sausages – the fat and toxins in these foods increase the risk of developing impotence. the diet Cheap kamagra next day delivery should be enriched with vegetables, fruits, dietary meat and fish. It is also necessary to introduce into the daily diet products that positively affect the sexual function of men: seafood, nuts, turnips, garlic.

bad habits

Abuse of alcohol-containing drinks leads to a decrease in libido and loss of potency. Avoiding alcohol and nicotine will help maintain sexual function at the proper level..

Physical education and sports

Due to low mobility and neglect of sports activities, stagnation of blood flow in the pelvic organs develops, which provokes impotence. To maintain a stable erection, you need rational physical activity on a regular basis. It can be training in the gym, visiting the pool, morning jogging or gymnastics..

intimate life

To maintain sexual activity, you need to practice regularly. Prolonged abstinence negatively affects erection. Sexual intercourse should be systematic, and not from time to time.

STI prevention

Past sexually transmitted infections can have complications in the form of pathological changes in the male reproductive system. It is necessary to refuse questionable sexual relations, and use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Additional measures

As an aid to the elimination of impotence, it is recommended to use special dietary supplements for men, made from natural raw materials. Also, a course of male exercises will help stabilize potency..

dietary supplements:

Alicaps. As part of dietary supplements – eurycoma root and ginseng. These natural aphrodisiacs increase sexual activity and strengthen erections..

Yohimbe. The composition rich in zinc helps in the synthesis of testosterone, increases libido and potency;

Cialex, Used for the treatment of impotence. Contraindications include arrhythmia and hypertension;

Tongkat Ali Platinum. Made from Ali’s Golden Root. Virtually no side effects.

Exercises for a strong erection

starting position: sitting astride a chair facing its back. It is necessary to press the crotch area to the seat as much kamagra pills for sale as possible, without straining the gluteal muscles. Repeat 8-12 times in one set;

without changing the position of the body, press the area between the anus and the testicles to the chair and rotate the body in opposite directions. Buttocks and legs should remain static;

lying on your back spread your legs. tights buy sildenafil citrate online the muscles of the perineum, as if trying to stop urination, and at the same time bring the anus and testicles together. You can perform unlimited;

in any convenient position, alternately relax and strain the muscles of the anus. In one approach, do at least 15-20 times. Do several times a day.

Proper treatment and implementation of recommendations, in most cases, guarantee an effective result. Problems of erectile dysfunction respond well to correction at the initial stage of the disease.

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Therefore, it is so important to diagnose impotence at an early stage..

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